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Garmin Vivo Activity Tracker Quiz

This quiz will help you find out which Garmin Vivo tracker you should buy.

Not sure what brand of fitness tracker to buy?
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So which Garmin Vivo tracker should I should buy?

Garmin is considered the best at sports tracking by many, so if you have decided on a Garmin tracker then you are at the right place. The question is now, which of the Vivo range is best? Currently Garmin have 5 different categories, and 11 models, so you can be forgiven in not knowing what one is best for you. This quiz will ask you the crucial questions and process the almost instantly to tell you which Garmin activity tracker is best for your needs and budget. So if you are planning on using it at the gym, or even for a triathlon we’ve got you covered. We have looked at all the Garmin activity monitors and evaluated their best features so that we can be sure we recommend to you the best possible Garmin tracker for your needs.

How does the Garmin Vivo selector quiz work?

This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice questions. The quizzes algorithm will process your answers and within seconds comeback to you with the best Garmin Vivo tracker for you. We compare the VivoFit 3, VivoSport GPS, VivoSmart 3 and HR+, VivoMove, and VivoActive HR and 3. Most come with heart rate monitors, some people will need to have a hr monitor others won’t, you can decide this, or we will work it out for you.

We have included every Garmin Vivo model currently available in the quiz. So even if you are on a tight budget, we will be able to find something for you!

The Garmin Vivo activity tracker quiz, once answered, will take you to the fitness band that is ideal for you. On this page will be a list of specifications, a video review and a link to see reviews and prices.